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01 March 2008 @ 12:52 pm
Week 30: Cracked  
Wow, sorry I've been kind of absent. :| Ahem.

Option #1
Theme | Week 30: Cracked
Interpret how ever you want 8D

Option #2
Lyrical theme! >D
"Artillery" - Infected Mushroom (Vicious Delicious) → DOWNLOAD

The three dimensional professional projections of spectral light
Connected from selection, air-tight
The isolated, the decisive, victory stimulated
The non-simulated patterns of flight originated
Now I'm a carnivore on a tour of duty
My band of brothers and full metal jackets establish cruelty
Black magic conjurer attack through the monitor
Destruction of assumption, one thing I can promise ya

It half-cracked with cold shards of glass
Ritualistic annihilators that murder your cast
The future of the past, that last that feel
The seventh seal broken in half, ceremony is real

Become obsolete, high-strung from a beat
A strong minded individual delivering defeat
Blood rivers in the street, keep flowing or retreat
Deep omens keep opponents speech limited repeat

You're opening the door to the corridor stretching to the left
There's hunger in those eyes to get this off my chest
I am just a man who wants revenge, and I confess
I am full of rage and sin
Hung inside this cage again
When evil reigns 'cuz people like to win
It may seem sweet, but we won't like the end
So we shine brightly from the light within

You're opening the doors to the corridors stretching to the left
Anger within my eyes, but the truth is on my chest
I am just a man who wants revenge and I confess
I am full of rage and sin, locked inside this cage again
Where evil reigns and people like to win
It may seem sweet, but we won't like the end
So we shine brightly from the light within

Locked inside this cage again

Turn the music up a bit...

Yo, yo...
Dark secrets, demons with a conscience
I'm the Lone Ranger looking for Pocahontas
Teenage zombies flying the beat,
I'm dying to learn what I'm trying to be
Go Bad News Bears and the Dukes of Hazzard
The youth of my group is the truth, so have it.
Keep myself couped up, recoup quickly
Face still hurts but my kids stick with me
Death loved not far as we go,
Crazy face still not star of the show
I appreciate the chance to hurt, I'll kill you
Ice pick into your neck, I will do
Talk to you like I might care
Rippled by the nightmare, moonshine distillery
Back road to villainy
Military start at the part with artillery

With artillery
With Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta Ta...

Locked inside this cage again

- You must use at least three consecutive words if you choose this theme.


Additional Comments

- You may submit up to three icons.
- You may not recycle old icons.
- Do not advertise your entry, or vote for your own icon.
- Respect.

All entries are due to this screened post by Friday, March 15th at 10:00 PM CST.

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