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The Devil May Cry Icontest

Devil May Cry Icontest
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Hello, and welcome to dmc_icontest, an icontest community for the Devil May Cry fans of Livejournal. Please take the time to read our rules before joining. :) The current layout was made by minty_peach.

1. Icons must be the standard livejournal size (100x100, 40 KB)
2. No fanart can be used at all, but doujinshi and manga art is accepted
3. You can submit up to three (3) icons
4. Please provide a working URL to your icon
5. You cannot vote for your own icon(s)
6. If a situation occurs where there is a tie between two icons, the place will be given to the member who has voted.
7. Do not display your icon(s) anywhere else until voting is over
8. Theme Categories: General Theme, Lyrical, Base, and Image. Two will be posted by a Mod in each challenge.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Fridays @ 10:00 PM central US time.
NEW THEMES: Saturday Evenings.
VOTING DEADLINE: Sundays @ 9:00 PM central US time.
→ FIRST PLACE: 3 Points; SECOND PLACE: 2 points; THIRD PLACE: 1 Point

How to Submit:

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- Head Mod: earthbend / exxcape[at]gmail
- Co-Mods: tartankilts astrokittie tyir
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